Helena Bergström Directs Dancing Queens For Netflix

Helena Bergström (Heartbereak Hotel) will direct forthcoming Netflix movie Dancing Queens, starring Molly Nutley and Fredrik Quinones in a tale about embracing the unpredictable and being open to love and friendship in whatever form it takes.

Dylan Pettersson (Molly Nutley) is an aspiring dancer from the Swedish archipelago who is talked into cleaning at struggling drag club Queens, where its star dancer and choreographer (Fredrik Quinones) discovers her talent. Dylan desperately wants to be a part of the show, but she’s a girl and it’s a drag show! However, where there’s a will, there’s a way…

The cast also includes Marie Göranzon (Beck), Claes Malmberg (Devil’s Bride), Christopher Wollter (Quicksand), Rakel Wärmländer (Alex), Ann Westin, Max Ulveson, Mattias Nordkvist, Razmus Nyström, André Christenson, and Emil Almén.

Netflix Director of Co-productions, Lina Brounéus, said: “It’s a beautiful story that transcends classical notions of love and friendship. Music and dance will obviously play a big role, all set against a beautiful Swedish backdrop – which makes it a wonderful mix we believe a lot of our members will enjoy.”

Helena Bergström added: “The positive energy from Netflix has been overwhelming. To get such support and belief in your film and to know that Dancing Queens will reach a global audience, is a dream. I’m so looking forward to this new and exciting journey packed with extravaganza, humanity and love.”

Dancing Queens will receive a global release on Netflix in 2021.