Hellfjord – Season 1


Banished to the tiny fishing community of Hellfjord in the far north of the country, disgraced Oslo cop Salmander begins to suspect that the seemingly quiet village and its eccentric inhabitants are harbouring a dark secret.

Having found a dead body on the island, Salmander feels sure that it is murder and begins to investigate. There are several suspicious characters in the community but, as an outsider, he gets little help from the locals.

Salmander goes undercover in Solvik jail to follow a lead in the murder case, but when his only ally in prison dies in a peanut related incident, he’s put behind bars for real. Now he not only needs to solve the case but also find a way out of jail. Meanwhile, local journalist Johanne finds a significant clue.

After his spectacular break-out from Solvik jail, Salmander is in an even trickier situation. Johanne comes to his rescue, and together they begin to connect the dots that finally lead them to Bosse Nova at the local fishery.

Salmander and Johanne sneak into Hellfish at night and come across something strange. They overhear Bosse Nova talking about the infamous sea serpent Tulla. Despite Salmander’s chronic seasickness, he decides to explore this phenomenon.

Salmander’s exile is over and he is sent back to Oslo, where he continues to investigate the murder as a civilian. Meanwhile, back in Hellfjord, Johanne finally gets to the bottom of Bosse Nova’s hidden activities, revealing a conspiracy greater than they could have imagined.

Working independently, Salmander and Johanne have both exposed Bosse Nova’s drug business. Without any police help, and armed only with self-confidence and a machine gun, Salmander heads back to Hellfjord for a final showdown at the fishery.