Henning Mankell: When The Snow Fell


4 out of 5 stars
As it has in the past, the first snow of the year signifies to Joel Gustafson his very own New Year’s Eve. So when the snow begins to fall on a cold November day, Joel gets busy making resolutions. Three to be exact.

Resolution #1: Live to be at least a hundred. He realizes that this will require toughening himself up by testing his physical limits.

Resolution #2: Set his eyes on the sea for the first time. To do this, Joel knows he needs to help sort out his father Samuel’s problems and get him back to the life he left behind–being a sailor at sea.

Resolution #3: See a naked lady. At almost fourteen, Joel feels he needs to see the world, including females, in an entirely different light.
As the winter days pass, life becomes ever more complicated, but Joel is determined to keep his resolutions – for his father, for himself, and for their future.