Historian Tom Buk-Swienty Moves Into TV Production

Danish historian and author Tom Buk-Swienty has joined forces with producer Klaus Birch from B-Film to form Saxofilm, which will specialise in historical film and TV productions.

Tom Buk-Swienty, best known for his books about the 1864 Second Schleswig War, will primarily serve as historian for the new company, providing ideas for Klaus Birch to translate into TV.

Klaus Birch said in a statement: “Danes like history. When my own children push me in front of the TV to watch The History of Denmark, and the series draws 1 million viewers, I say that there is a huge demand for movies and television that can tell good stories about what our ancestors went through.”

Tom Buk-Swienty added: “I’ve reached a point where I’ve written a lot of books, and now I’m looking forward to trying this. It is an opportunity to use oneself in another way, and that’s refreshing. Although it’s the world’s best job to be an author, it can also be a lonely job, and this is teamwork.”

Saxofilm currently has two projects in development and is in talks with public broadcaster DR. Streaming services are also expected to be future collaborators.