Home Ground | Heimebane – Season 1


Varg FC has been promoted to the top division in Norwegian football but, shortly before the season begins, the team is left without a coach. Helena Mikkelsen is experienced but she is a woman, and women do not train male football players. However, she believes that she is more than capable, but to secure the job she must outperform a former professional with coaching ambitions.

Helena has become coach of the newly promoted Varg FC, but can a woman be accepted in that role? After a disastrous first impression in the locker room, Helena has to charm a mysogynistic main sponsor to invest in new players, and tries to persuade a former star to return to playing.

The start of the season looms and Helena wants to debut with a victory at home, but the team’s new star, Adrian, turns out to have more psychological problems than she was aware of.

Three home defeats out of three. Helena’s team has had a catastrophic start to the season and the supporters are angry. Meanwhile, the team’s star player Michael is charmed by a young fan, and Helena’s daughter Camilla tries to find a way into her dream job.

Helena wants her team to use dirty tricks to win against local rivals Ålesund. Camilla watches the match with her boyfriend and is torn by her feelings for Adrian. In the middle of the game, Eivind’s wife goes into labour, but Eivind is busy on the pitch.

Helena is suspended and must consider creating a media storm to change the decision. Michael is keeping secrets from his wife while trying to get a position on the coaching team. Camilla begins her new job, but has difficulty interpreting the approaches of a colleague.

There are two hours until the transfer window closes. Helena and Espen are looking for a new striker, but how can they afford it? In order to push the purchase through, the pair must make some difficult choices. Meanwhile, Camilla and Adrian go on a date, but when Nils pops up, Camilla is forced to reveal a secret.

In the week leading up to a decisive quarter-final, the newly acquired Mario tries to settle in to Ulsteinvik. At the same time, Michael is thrown out of his home and Adrian is reunited with his father after a traumatic farewell in Amsterdam.

Helena’s job is hanging by a thread. Two months to go before the end of the season and Varg is sat in relegation place. Helena must win the match against Rosenborg or look for another job. Also, Adrian must make a difficult decision about his future, while Michael sees a chance to gain control of his life.

Varg fights against relegation right up until the last game of the season and Espen comes up with an unorthodox plan to save Helena’s job. Meanwhile, Camilla is looking for a future in Ulsteinvik.