Homeless International Song Contest Will Broadcast Live

The Homeless International Song Contest is an initiative started by hemlösa.se in order to raise awareness of the homeless all around the world. The 10 finalists chosen by a jury will perform live at the Immanuel Church in Stockholm on 29th January 2016.

The song contest is the brainchild of Kavian Ferdowsi who was homeless himself for many years in Sweden. He says:
“Homeless people around the world have great talents. There are homeless people in Stockholm who are better musicians than well known artists… We want to create an opportunity for those who nobody cares about.”

“There will be musicians from El Salvador and Iran, Malmö and Gothenburg. In total there are 55 artists who will compete this year, both those who are homeless themselves and professional artists who want to draw attention to homeless people.”

In 2015, the inaugural event resulted in a tie between Lars Wikstrand & Peter (Iskall Snubbe) and Marie Stubergh (Leave). All of last year’s finalists can be found on the official YouTube playlist.

This year’s final of the Homeless International Song Contest takes place on 29th January at 1730 CET at the Immanuel Church in Stockholm, and will be broadcast live on hemlösa.se.