Hunters Season Two Premieres Next Month

Three years have passed since the premiere of Hunters (Jägarna), a spin off from the 1996 movie of the same name, but season two is now confirmed to debut on C More this March with Rolf Lassgård to return for a case that is certain to shake up Norrbotten.

In season two, Erik Bäckström (Rolf Lassgård) finds himself conflicted when an old case comes back to haunt him. Joar Särn (Simon J Berger), convicted of murder 15 years ago, protests his innocence forcing Erik to question his actions. Perhaps he made a fateful mistake during his investigation.

Old wounds are torn open in the small Norrbotten town as a fierce conflict emerges between those who are convinced that Särn is a cold-blooded killer and those who believe him to be innocent. Erik is caught in the middle and has no choice but to return to the case, even if it leads to a murderer who is closer to him than he realises.

Returning for season two are Lena Endre as prosecutor Thompson, Annika Nordin as Karin Johansson, Johannes Kuhnke as Måns Richardsson and Caroline Johansson Kuhmunen as Liza, alongside new cast members Ulf Stenberg, Maja Rung and Inger Nilsson.

Rolf Lassgård said: “The truth has always had a high price in Hunters and holding on to the truth can cost even more. What has been done right, what has been done wrong? Erik is his own antagonist this season. He wrestles with himself and risks becoming his own biggest enemy. Hopefully it shows completely different sides of him.”

Hunters premieres 8th March on C More and will air weekly on TV4 in Sweden from 23rd March 2021.