Hunting Season Biggest Danish Movie Of 2019

Tilde Harkamp’s second feature Hunting Season (Jagtsæson), starring Mille Dinesen (Rita) and Lærke Winther (Dicte), has sold 473,000 tickets since its premiere in October, making it the highest grossing Danish film of 2019.

Eva (Mille Dinesen), a recently divorced mother, goes away for a weekend spa with her childhood friend Marlene (Lærke Winther) to help her through a midlife crisis. Meanwhile, the new girlfriend of Eva’s ex-husband, Isabella (Stephania Potalivo), has joined the trip and is determined to become Marlene’s new best friend.

Eva’s friendship with Marlene is put at risk as the women reveal their worst sides during an unfortunate Brazilian wax, a failed pheasant hunt and other trials. So the question is whether Eva can fix things with Marlene, build a healthy relationship with Isabella and still save her son’s birthday?

With 473,000 tickets sold, Hunting Season marks Tilde Harkamp as the best-selling female director since 2012, and is surpassed only by Susanne Bier and Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis in the last 15 years.