Huss – Season 1

When Katarina Huss starts as an aspirant, she is met with skepticism from colleagues, as her mother Irene is deputy police chief. At the same time, a young boy who is a witness in a murder investigation disappears.

When the evidence is too weak to convict an infamous wife abuser, Katarina’s loyalty to her colleagues is put to the test. How far is she willing to go to become part of the team?

A wave of burglaries hits Gothenburg’s wealthier areas. During a patrol, Katarina and Robert are taken hostage when they surprise the violent robbers at a family’s home.

Katarina infiltrates a group of drug dealers and gets in touch with a young woman who sells drugs. As their friendship grows, Katarina finds it difficult to separate her professional role and her private self.

An assassination attempt on a colleague is first considered to be due to his connection to the underworld, but Katarina eventually realises that it is just a desperate way to hide what really happened during the riots.