Iman Meskini Leads Fourth & Final Season Of Skam

It has been announced that Sana Bakkoush (Iman Meskini) will be the protagonist for season four of Skam (Shame), which creator Julie Andem says will be the show’s final season.

2016 Gullruten winner Skam, which follows the everyday life of a group of friends at Hartvig Nissen High School in Oslo, has attracted a loyal following throughout the Nordic region since it premiered in Norway in autumn 2015, won Best Digital Original at the C21 Drama Awards, and been picked up for a US remake.

The past three seasons have been told from Eva, Noora and Isak’s point of view, but Håkon Moslet, Editorial Director for NRK P3, has confirmed that the Skam universe will be seen from Sana’s perspective in the fourth and final season.

Moslet says: “She’s a strong character, and perhaps the series’ most intriguing. She has one leg in Norwegian culture and one in Muslim culture. Sana has her faith while she has friends who are more concerned with boys and partying.”

Meanwhile, series writer and creator, Julie Andem, has posted on Instagram that the show must now draw to a close: “Skam has been a 24 hour a day job. It has always been fun to make… Now we have decided that there will be no more Skam. And although I know some might be upset and sad out there, I’m absolutely sure it’s the right decision.”