Invisible Heroes – Season 1


In 1972, ambitious Finnish diplomat Tapani Brotherus is sent with his wife Lysa to open a new embassy in Santiago, Chile. In September 11th, 1973, a violent military coup shakes Santiago.

Tapani’s right hand man Ilkka Jaamala finds out that Tapani is hiding asylum seekers against their government’s strict rules of neutrality. Together they try to find a place for them for safe asylum, but all they witness is how people are shot on the streets and imprisoned.

Tapani Brotherus and Harald Edelstam help hunted people to escape police and protect them with their diplomatic passports. Chile’s Foreign Ministry starts a campaign of false news in order to justify hard measures against those still hiding.

Tapani comes up with an idea to use an East German school building as a refugee center and a secret operation is carried out to drive all the hidden people from their home to the school.

Oscar, a revolutionary ex-bodyguard of Salvador Allende, finds out that the East Germans are hiding his idol, socialist leader Carlos Altamirano. With him in charge, Oscar would be ready to fight against the Chilean military government.

Seija is sure that Rodrigo is going to be freed as his lawyer is presenting new evidence supporting his innocence. Instead, he is sentenced for three years in prison. A strong solidarity movement grows in Finland and the president of Finland writes a fierce letter to the Chilean president demanding for democracy.