Irene Huss Hands Over To Daughter Katarina

Iconic detective Irene Huss sees her daughter take centre stage in the forthcoming Viaplay original Huss, which follows ambitious, newly graduated police officer Katarina Huss as she is drawn into a tangled web of corruption and betrayal.

The original series of twelve films about Detective Inspector Irene Huss are modern crime classics based on the books by Helene Tursten. However, when Katarina (Karin Franz Körlof) joins the police force we find that she has a complicated relationship with Irene (Kajsa Ernst), not least because she is unhappy that her daughter is following in her footsteps.

Karin Franz Körlof said: “This role is different from anything I have done before. Katarina has just graduated from the Police College and is trying to find her identity and place as a police officer. At the same time as she tries to do well in her work, she also ends up in moral conflicts where her loyalty to the team is set against right and wrong.”

“It is challenging and intense work right now while filming but really interesting for me to get into a new genre. I believe that Huss will paint rather a dark picture of the city with shootings, drugs and violence against women. It isn’t very glamorous but portrays the everyday life of the police.”

Huss, directed by Jörgen Bergmark (Sebastian Bergman), is currently filming on location in Gothenburg with a cast that also includes Filip Berg (Black Lake), Kardo Razzazi (Alex) and Anders Berg (The Reunion). It is set to premiere on Nordic streaming service Viaplay and will air later on Kanal 5.