Irene Huss – Season 2


Two boy scouts find a woman’s body buried in a desolate field. Irene and her team discover more graves, each with a body and what appears to be a personal item. Clearly a serial killer is on the loose and the only apparent link between the victims is that they are all middle-aged women.

A young woman is brutally attacked and dragged into a van. Irene and her team arrive too late to save her, but discover a link to other recent abductions. The killer is using Internet chat rooms to lure his victims, and the trail leads to someone using the Gothenburg to Malmö train.

A retired policeman crossing the street gets hit by a stolen car. The car turns up later in an industrial area, charred to a cinder. Nearby, the police also find the body of a young girl. Irene and her team look for the car thieves and any possibly connection between the unidentified girl and the hit-and-run victim.

A young man is found in a dumpster, naked, bloody, burned and battered. The autopsy reveals the presence of GHB in his system, suggesting sexual abuse and torture. Irene and her colleagues discover links to a trendy nightclub that Irene’s daughter Jenny and her friends frequently visit.

A car floats in the waters of a port, with a corpse in the driver’s seat. The investigation leads Irene to a motorcycle gang, whose reach seems to extend deep into the justice system. After a bombing on her husband’s restaurant, she is ready to take matters into her own hands.

A beautiful young woman is found dead in the river, wearing a diamond wedding ring that belongs to someone else. Irene and the team find that the cause of death was not drowning, but a head injury. However, the wman has not been reported missing and no-one can identify her.