Isabella Eklöf The New Voice Of Danish Cinema

Isabella Eklöf’s debut feature The Holiday, which opened in Danish theatres this week, has been awarded the CPH PIX Politikens Talentpris which celebrates distinctive new film makers deemed to be the future of Danish cinema.

In The Holiday, naive Sascha goes to stay with her gangster lover, Michael, on the luxurious Turkish Riviera. But it comes at a cost as Michael subjects her to escalating violence and sexual assault, and Sascha’s stay in paradise slowly descends into a nightmare. Then she meets Danish sailor Thomas, and there might just be a way out.

Strong competition came from five other nominees, all supported by New Danish Screen: Lifeboat by Josefine Kirkeskov, Neon Heart by Laurits Flensted-Jensen, Cutterhead by Rasmus Kloster Bro, Christian IV by Kasper Kalle, and Sticks and Stones by Martin Skovbjerg Jensen,

The jury said: “The strong performances and aesthetics are impressive, but that’s not what made us confident in our choice… With director Isabella Eklöf, her talent is not emerging but already fully developed, and the artistry of this film is clear and speaks for itself.”