Israeli Artist Accuses The Legacy Of Plagiarism

Politiken reports that Israeli artist Ori Gersht has accused Danish drama The Legacy (Arvingerne) of plagiarising his work.

Whilst he does not intend to mount a legal challenge, Ori Gersht believes that the opening sequence to hit DR drama The Legacy, where a vase of flowers explodes in slow motion, is a copy of his piece Big Bang from 2006. He says:

“I know that there is always a cultural exchange, and it’s OK that people are influenced by each other. But the similarity here is just so great… it would really surprise me if they had not seen my video first.”

Both works appear to borrow heavily from Dutch symbolism of the 1600s, but Head of Drama for DR, Piv Bernth, is adamant that any accusation of plagiarism is misplaced:

“It is only a coincidence that a vase of flowers explodes. The prelude, the explosion and the aftermath are beyond comparison and have nothing to do with each other, and the whole context is different.”

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