Jacob Lohmann To Volunteer For Prison Choir

Filming has begun on De Frivillige (The Volunteers), a dark musical comedy about a prison choir in an isolation wing, written by Lars Husum and directed by Frederikke Aspöck.

De Frivillige follows incarcerated celebrity financier and jet-setter Markus Føns (Jacob Lohmann) who, after a brutal assault by a gang of bikers in connection with his shady past, decides to opt for the relative safety of voluntary isolation with the most vulnerable inmates.

The isolation wing has a prison choir which Markus decides to join, and it’s not long before he is set on taking over from fellow inmate and self-proclaimed leader Niels (Anders Matthesen) in a battle fought with cunning, tyranny and classic Danish songs.

The cast also includes Christopher Læssø (The Square), Søren Malling (A Hijacking), Signe Egholm (The Hour Of The Lynx), Ulla Henningsen, Anders Brink, Finn Nielsen, Petrine Agger and Saszeline Dreyer.

Frederikke Aspöck said: “It is this completely absurd power struggle, played out in the voluntary isolation wing where society’s rejects are incarcerated. The film challenges our sense of community versus egoism and will leave the audience with food for thought and of course a good laugh!”

De Frivillige is expected to premiere in 2019.