Jens Jonsson Helms Magnus Montelius Thriller

C More has announced plans for political thriller Eight Months (Åtta månader), adapted by Erik Ahrnbom (Arne Dahl) from the novel by Magnus Montelius. Jens Jonsson (Jägarna) is on board to direct.

After a tip off from a source, journalist Nina Wedén exposes Sweden’s Foreign Minister as a sex client. When the minister resigns, she finds herself appointed as press secretary to his successor, Jacob Weiss. Now she must use her talents to protect the new minister, but who is really in charge in the corridors of power?

Meanwhile, political consultant Max Boije suddenly has all his assignments cancelled, and messages to his influential contacts are left unreturned. Is it because he found an eight-month gap while researching the past of Jacob Weiss? When one of his sources is found murdered, it is clear that there is a secret worth killing for.

Head Of Development for C More, Elin Kvist, said: “Eight Months has everything you love in a strong thriller; gripping characters who you are thrown between completely trusting and suddenly disbelieving, high tension, great secrets and an insight into a world we don’t usually have access to. The book was a page turner and we have high hopes that the series will be just as captivating with Jens Jonsson and Erik Ahrnbom at the helm.”