Jens Lapidus: Never Screw Up


4.5 out of 5 stars
Here, the coke dealers and root men of Easy Money have been joined by cops – good ones and bad ones, who are desperate about a situation that has long since spun of control. At the center of the story are an ex-mercenary, a fallen cop, and a young Arab who finds himself working for Radovan, Stockholm’s own Godfather.

Niklas, a weapons expert, has returned home after years as a mercenary. His world has no laws. His life has made him a violence fanatic and an adrenaline junkie. He is haunted by traumatic childhood memories. One night his mother calls, hysterical. Someone has been murdered in her apartment building.

Thomas is a demoralized cop. He’s working the night shift when the call about the murder comes in. The victim has been badly beaten, and his arms have been pockmarked by syringes. Someone wants the case silenced – but why?

Meanwhile, Mahmud is just out of jail, and keen to live the high life. He has debts to someone he used to deal for. In a game of russian roulette, his life is spared – but at what cost? He has to look for a man whom he later wishes he’d never found. And his search takes him to a side of Stockholm he wishes he’d never seen.