Jens Lapidus: The VIP Room


Teddy is out of prison after eight years behind bars and completely broke. He wants to go straight, but when a debt collector from shows up and demands three hundred thousand kronor within a week, things get out of hand.

Teddy is offered a job: to track down a young man who has been kidnapped. The man’s parents don’t dare contact the police, so have turned to their lawyer for help. With the debt collector on his back, Teddy has no choice but to take it on.

Together with one of the firm’s rising young stars, Emelie Jansson, Teddy begins the search for Philip, a snobbish young businessman whose resumé proves increasingly dirty the deeper the unlikely duo dig into his past.

Emelie is a rising star and Teddy wants to free himself of debt. She has been chosen for the job because she is skilled and effective, Teddy has been chosen… well, why? The firm’s CEO knows something about Teddy and his past that nobody else seems to know.