Jens Okking Obituary

On Sunday morning, Danish actor, politician and singer Jens Okking (The Kingdom) passed away quietly in his sleep surrounded by his closest family at the age of 78.

Jens Okking is best known outside of Denmark for his role as Bulder Harly Drusse in Lars von Trier’s landmark drama The Kingdom (Riget). However, he was a notable actor across theatre, film and TV, with Bodil Awards for Nitten røde roser in 1975, Strømer in 1977, and At klappe med een hånd in 2002.

He became a politician in later years, and served as a Member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2003, initially as a representative of the June Movement, but later changed his affiliation to the People’s Movement against the EU.

Jens Okking is survived by four daughters and two sons, and will be buried at Marmor Church on Friday 26th January. His son, Niels Okking, told Ritzau in a statement: “Our lovely father had a peaceful end to a wonderful life.”