JFK Opened Hollywood To Caspar Phillipson

Danish actor Caspar Phillipson, who opened in theatres worldwide this weekend with Mission Impossible Fallout, believes that his role as JFK in the movie Jackie was the pivotal moment that opened doors for him in Hollywood.

In order to audition for Jackie in Paris, Phillipson took sick leave from the stage show Don’t Touch Nefertiti at the London Toast Theatre in Copenhagen. As a result, he missed five sold-out performances and the theatre felt compelled to take him to court. They were awarded DKK 116,000 in damages.

However, for Caspar Phillipson it seems that the gamble paid off. He told BT: “Now when I go to an event in Los Angeles, people know who I am. But they wouldn’t have known were it not for Jackie. Mission Impossible is seen by many, but Jackie was seen by everyone in the industry.”

“And all Americans love Kennedy, so even though it’s a small part, they’ve noticed it, and the difference it has made for me is like night and day.”