Jo Nesbø Makes Cameo Appearance In The Snowman

Author of The Snowman, Jo Nesbø, has confirmed that he will make a cameo appearance in Tomas Alfredson’s big screen adaptation of the book, which stars Michael Fassbender as Harry Hole and Rebecca Ferguson as his sidekick.

Jo Nesbø told VG: “I play opposite Michael Fassbender in a role where I have been handed a pitbull-like dog.”

“Now there are perhaps some who would say that it is an exaggeration to say that I play opposite Michael Fassbender, in that I am probably right at the edge of the picture, behind a door and with my back to the door. But I stand there with this dog, and am on screen for approximately three seconds, unless it is cut out completely.”

“There was a lot of waiting around to record the three seconds. I and this dog, which I think was a pitbull terrier, managed to develop a close relationship during that day.”

Nesbø also revealed that he has not had much influence on the script: “Tomas (Alfredson) is a storyteller and he must create his own stories… The only interesting thing is that they make a great movie. If the book can be a useful input to an entirely different story, then I think it’s great.”

The Snowman will premiere October 13th 2017.