Jo Nesbø’s The Snowman Theatrical Release Announced

The movie adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s thriller The Snowman will hit cinemas October 13th, 2017. Under the direction of Tomas Alfredson, Michael Fassbender will star as detective Harry Hole, with Rebecca Ferguson as his sidekick and Charlotte Gainsbourg on board in an unconfirmed role.

Golden Globe nominee Michael Fassbender is to play a detective who investigates the murder of a number of women around Oslo. His training with the FBI leads him to search for links between the cases, and with the help of a brilliant recruit (Rebecca Ferguson) he finds two – each victim is a married mother and after each murder a snowman appears at the murder scene.

It has not been disclosed what role Gainsbourg will play, but it seems likely that she will be the protagonist’s girlfriend Rakel since the only other significant female part is taken by Ferguson.

The Snowman will be the first foreign production to benefit from Norway’s newly launched tax incentive for film and TV production. Production is to begin January 18th 2016, with filming to take place around Rjukan, Oslo and Bergen.