Johan Falk – Season 2


1. Special Operations Group
Johan works together with GSI (Special Operations Group) to bring in a team of armed car thieves.

2. Brothers In Arms
With the help of undercover Norwegian police and a civilian infiltrator to one of Gothenburg’s toughest criminal gangs, GSI try to buy six assault rifles. But when an unknown player suddenly wants to buy not only those weapons but others, including armour-piercing rounds, it is clear that these are not ordinary criminals. Someone intends to start a war on the streets of Gothenburg.

3. National Target
Johan Falk and GSI are in the middle of a raid confiscating Estonian amphetamine when they realise they have a lead on a mythical leader of the Russian mafia. He is only known as “Mr. K”. Johan’s informant, Frank Wagner, puts the word out that he wants large quantities of pure amphetamine, but soon realises that he is infiltrating Europe’s most dangerous Mafia, comprised of ex-KGB officers.

4. Leo Gaut
A violent bar war has broken out in Gothenburg, and when a restaurant owner’s car explodes outside a primary school, GSI’s director Patrik Agrell thinks a line has been crossed. When Johan Falk realises that one of threatened restaurants belongs to Leo Gaut, a gangster John put behind bars ten years ago, he uses him to gain more information.

5. Operation Nightingale
GSI is mandated to uncover a trafficking network, whereby young Eastern European women are shipped to Gothenburg to live as prostitutes. Johan Falk recruits a young Polish girl to infiltrate the network, but the situation becomes untenable as Johan and his team begin to cross morally grey lines.

6. The Outlawed
Police management give Johan Falk and his colleagues at GSI orders to use all means necessary against organised crime when a female prosecutor is targeted by an explosive.