Johan Falk – Season 3


1. Rules of the Game
Two years have passed since John Falk and Frank Wagner ended their professional relationship. Frank has just opened a bar and his ex-girlfriend’s brother Kevin gets into trouble because of gambling debts. Meanwhile, Johan and GSI in conjunction with the German police are try to take down a ruthless gang selling a new type of drug. Frank’s search for Kevin crosses paths with Johan’s investigation and renews their relationship.

2. The 107 Patriots
Gunfire rings out in Gothenburg’s city park. Two gangsters are shooting at each other and a large scale police operation begins. The conflict grows rapidly to include several gangs from Gothenburg’s underworld. Johan Falk and GSI must take on the most dangerous and violent gang war so far.

3. Mother Of All Robberies
A robbery takes place by a gang of ex-military criminals. Johan Falk and GSI believe that the robbery is just a warm-up for something much bigger. A robbery, as it turns out, that will make all other robberies in history pale by comparison.

4. Organizatsija Karayan
Johan Falk’s stepdaughter Nina has got in contact with her biological father Orjan. But Orjan is in debt to an Estonian construction company so Nina is kidnapped. Johan and GSI’s investigation leads them to the top of northern Europe’s most dangerous mafia, the Russian-Estonia Karayan Organization, composed of former KGB officers.

5. Juvenile Infiltrator
A robbery involving a gang of youths, who force security guards to strip naked at shopping centres before making off with their money bags, results in an innocent passerby getting killed. The gang leader must quickly get the money laundered so that he can pay the criminal mastermind who sold him the plan for the robbery.

6. Codename Lisa
A gang of heavily armed men burst in to Frank Wagner’s apartment. Frank responds quickly and manages to escape with his family to the only person he can trust: Johan Falk. Frank’s cooperation with the police is finally revealed, and attacks escalate in Gothenburg against both crime bosses and police officers.