Johan Falk – Season 4


1. From The Ashes Into The Fire
Johan Falk goes with the wife of a dead Mafia boss to Latvia to try and solve a mystery that has baffled him for years. What he finds in a cabin outside of Riga shocks him. Seth Rydell gang finish serving their jail sentences, and are released along with twenty new gang recruits. However, at an after-prison party, there is a violent attack and it all becomes very personal. Johan Falk and GSI begin to realise that they are facing an entirely new type of enemy.

2. Silent Diplomacy
Johan Falk’s colleague from the security business, Pernilla Vasquez, shows up unexpectedly when the GSI are on an investigation in Stockholm, and she seems to be providing terrorists with weapons to kill a diplomat. Meanwhile, tensions in Seth Rydell’s gang grow as his second-in-command, Jack Rolander, becomes suspicious that he is cooperating with the police. Seth and the GSI are also having problems with the Kavkaz Mafia who open an MMA gym in Kortedala and it seems that the events of the last few years might all be connected.

3. Blood Diamonds
The GSI follows a weapon trail that leads them straight into the Kavkaz Maffia headquarters on the west coast. GSI member Niklas Saxlid is sent in as an undercover agent to find out what they are up to. But the mafia realise that they have a traitor in their midst and Niklas disappears. Meanwhile, Johan Falk confronts a mysterious woman who threatens his family.

4. Lockdown
An attack takes place inside the main police station in Gothenburg and the building is immediately put into lockdown, so no-one can get in or out. Almost at the same time, a major trial starts in the building next door where Seth Rydell’s arch enemy Vijay Khan is appealing his verdict because GSI used to use illegal methods.

5. The End
All threads come together in this final GSI movie. Johan Falk tries to solve the problem with the Kavkaz Mafia who are threatening his family, and his colleagues get hold of some papers that are critical in their investigation of a major multinational criminal network.