Jordskott – Season 1


Seven years after her daughter Josefine went missing, police investigator Eva Thornblad is still trying to come to terms with her loss. At the time it was widely assumed Josefine drowned, but Eva is convinced someone took her child. When a young boy vanishes in the Silverhojd forest, Eva takes part in the search and soon finds herself becoming convinced that the same person is responsible for both disappearances.

Eva sets out to find out if the girl she almost ran over is her daughter Josefine, who disappeared seven years ago. She gets in touch with former police officer Olof Gran, who has a strange theory, to say the least, and her investigation proves to be more dangerous than she’d imagined.

Eva joins local police as they search the area around Silverhojd Lake for signs of her daughter Josefine, or the kidnapper, who is now believed to be responsible for the recent spate of abductions and the murders. However, her vested interest in the case has piqued the interest of colleague Tom, who remains suspicious of Eva’s intentions.

Eva finds a strange bottle left behind at her father’s house and then discovers a tunnel leading from the forest up to the door. Meanwhile, the murderer is on the hunt for new victims – but Wass keeps hiding all signs of non-human activity.

Eva is faced with a fateful choice when she should be taking care of Josefine.

Eva decides to set a trap for the creature from the woods, but the plan goes horribly wrong and, in despair, she tells Wass what she has done. While she waits for him to arrive, the troubled cop finds a hidden door in her house that leads to a chamber containing great secrets.

Eva’s life is saved when Wass takes her to Ylva, who has no choice but to give her the same root medicine that was once given to Josefine.

Eva tries to re-establish contact between the humans and the non-humans in the forest, and she finds a videotape from her father telling her that Nicklas is her brother.

Panic spreads as five children disappear from Silverhöjds children’s hospital and explosions in the forest prompt the creature’s anger.

Eva is ordered to leave Silverhöjd to save Josefine, but finds herself unable to abandon the missing children to their fate. Determined to get everyone out alive, she returns to the forest, but a miscalculation on her part places the lives of the other youngsters, and perhaps the entire existence of Silverhöjd, in danger.