Josefin Asplund & Alexej Manvelov In Top Dog

C More has revealed that Josefin Asplund (Vikings) and Alexej Manvelov (Before We Die) will lead Top Dog, adapted from Jens Lapidus’ best-selling trilogy by Veronica Zacco (Thicker Than Water).

The series follows lawyer Emily Jansson (Josefin Asplund) and ex-convict Teddy Maksumic (Alexej Manvelov) as they are thrown together to investigate a mysterious disappearance that links their worlds. Emily is a rising star at her firm and Teddy wants to free himself of debt. She has been chosen for the job because she is skilled and effective, whilst Teddy has been chosen… well, why?

The cast also includes Gustav Lindh, Peter Gardiner, Christian Hillborg, Joel Spira, Kardo Razzazi, Mahmut Suvakci, Bekzod Kuliev, Amanda Ooms, Lina Englund and Felice Jankell.

Josefin Asplund said: “I was drawn by how these worlds and characters collide… how different they are, yet so similar, that Emily is a hard-working careerist who will rise to the top and that it will take a while before we get to really know her. It feels quite rare and exciting.”

Alexej Manvelov added: “It is interesting how two social extremes have been interwoven into the same story, but what is really rare, and what made me want to be part of Top Dog, was how authentic Teddy’s journey, dilemma and relationships were written, and with the director’s vision I knew that it was a winner.”

Directed by Molly Hartleb (The Restaurant), Top Dog comprises eight episodes and will premiere on C More in 2020.