Julie Andem To Showrun Facebook Skam Remake

Writer and director of Norwegian teen drama Skam, Julie Andem, has revealed on Instagram that she will be showrunner for its US remake, Skam Austin, which airs next year on Facebook Watch.

She wrote: “Even though teens from all over the world started watching Skam, every choice we made in the show was to serve teens in Norway. At some point it became impossible not to notice the need amongst teens everywhere. The need to open up and discuss topics like mental illness, sexual harassment and sexual orientation. This is why NRK sold the show for remakes.”

“I have decided to showrun and direct the American version of Skam. I didn’t want to give it to someone else. It will be a challenge to try to make it in a different culture, in a different language, to a much larger and diverse audience, but I promise that I will put all of my effort and heart in to it.”

“And I am going to need your help. Because Skam is not my show. All of us own Skam. It is not just a drama series, it’s an event and a community that all of you are a part of and contribute to. So please help me. Let’s show teens everywhere that they are not alone.”

Further remakes of Skam are also set for Germany (ZDF/Funk), France (France Télévisions), Italy (Timvision), Spain (Movistar) and the Netherlands (NRT/NPO).