Kampen For Tilværelsen – Season 1


Young Polish scholar Tomasz travels to Norway to collect money from a father he has never met. Arriving in Oslo he comes in contact with a privileged and well-intentioned group citizens in Ullevål Hageby. It’s a likeable elite which, in the absence of real problems, is good at creating their own.

Tomasz gets his first job as a craftsman, and meets the Norwegian middle class. When he is accused of theft, it turns out that he has made two friends in Norway.

Tomasz gets a new job and has to fit a kitchen but doesn’t have a ruler. In Ullevål Hageby the Rotevatn family find out that their son Sveinung is being bullied at school. They decide that they are finally going to get a dog.

As punishment for a mistake he must steal bikes for Bartosh, but Tomasz decides to abscond. In Ullevål Hageby, Jørgen and Anitra have an appointment with a marital therapist. They gather their courage and tell him that they want a divorce, despite the great help that he has given them.

Tomasz gets a job in the car park at Gardermoen Airport. While trying to park cars in tight spaces a tragic accident happens. Tomasz gets fired and doesn’t know what to do. Hugo is at a child’s birthday with his little son and plays hide and seek. He hides so well that no one can find him, and the police must be called.

Tomasz almost freezes to death, and is rescued by the psychic Anneli, who says they are going to have a relationship. Vidkun goes to the family doctor Karianne for an appointment. He has an itchy rash. At work he faints and an ambulance is called. Line and the kids go to the hospital and are told that Vidkun might not survive.

Tomasz has received a tip that bus driver Yngve might be his father. Yngve is very nice, but Tomasz doesn’t think they resemble each other very much and wants a DNA test. Mr. Kiran looks for Mrs. Kiran’s penpal Holger and runs him down with a car. Vidkun has a good explanation to for the mysterious illness.

Tomasz hooks up with the rich and pleasant Johannessen who lets him kiss her. Karianne buys a new expensive car with lots of electronics, and gets locked in the car. Hugo and Suzy agree to forget the fire after a Satanist confesses. Jens Christian has earned a lot of money from the crocodile app and decides to buy his parents’ apartment.