Kampen For Tilværelsen – Season 2


The Polish scholar Tomasz is still searching for his unknown father in Norway. Now he has a child – Anneli is pregnant. Hugo and Suzy feel guilty because they did not miss Karianne as much as they should. A new caretaker will be appointed for the Garden City.

Hugo gets the old gang together to help Tomasz in the search for his father. They all claim that they have been with his mother who was a guide in Krakow, but now the truth finally comes out. Which of them is Tomasz` father? And how will the first meeting go between father and son?

In Ullevål Hageby the residents are sceptical about the new caretaker. The Polish scholar Tomasz has finally found his father and confronts him about his lost childhood. Anitra is moving forward with a new man and Hugo hits a woman.

Tomasz gets a tempting offer. Jorgen has premiered his new film and gives a poignant speech. Holger and the couple Kiran has become very intimate friends. Hugo kisses a broker.

Tomasz gets in touch with an old Polish girlfriend online, and it cost him dearly. Someone must deal with the new caretaker of the Garden City. Jorgen gets a great job offer. Vidkun goes to the doctor with a discrete problem. And Line kisses a young man.

In Ullevål Hageby there are problems both large and small. Tomasz solves an unsolvable riddle. Bob sells the cabin. JC gives away all the money. Vidkun finally tells the truth about himself, but no one listens.

Tomasz goes on dad courses and learns about sex. Mustafa drags a moose and hits a very nice man. Suzy violates a priest. And Vidkun goes on another trip with orienteering gang.

Tomasz is to be a father, and panics at the birth. Jorgen starts his new job and is surprised. Vidkun visits the hospital again. And Hugo and Suzy get a very unexpected guest.