Kids Subtitles Aired During Party Leaders Debate

SVT was left red faced when subtitles for children’s TV aired during the party leader debate on Wednesday.

According to the subtitles, Jan Björklund of the Liberal Party declared “I’ll build the Galaxy’s best sandcastle”, whilst the Green Party’s Åsa Romson opened her speech by greeting earthlings, before informing the electorate that she had both blue and yellow boots.

Camilla Hagert, Head Of Presentation at SVT, defended the error by saying that “in Sweden, you enter a number to get subtitles, and then teletext knows which channel you are watching, but sometimes it goes wrong.”

Very wrong…


Jan Björklund: “I’ll build the Galaxy’s best sandcastle.”


Åsa Romson; “Hail, Earthlings.”


“I have two pairs of boots. A pair of red and a few yellow.”


Jonas Sjöstedt: “Pity that there isn’t some kind of train that can travel under water without rails.”


Jan Björklund: “I would be very extremely good at saving a whale.”


Anders Jonsson: “Chocolate…chocolate…chocolate.”