Kieler Street | Kielergata – Season 1

Jonas Schulman is leading a quiet life in the town of Slusvik, wife, step-daughter and a comfortable job. When his neighbour and best friend Geir starts blackmailing him, it becomes apparent that Jonas has a dark past…

Jonas tries to continue his life as normal, but disposing of Geir proves to be the least of his problems. Jonas has lost Sofie’s cat, Kasper, and Sofie initiates a full blown search.

The body of a young girl is found in the sluice, and the community reacts with fear. Jonas is terrified of an investigation, and does everything in his might to put out fires.

Several months have past since the dead girl was assumed to have killed her self, and things seem back to normal. But the find of a blood stained shoe opens the investigation again, and soon old problems resurface.

Special investigator Marius Borge is involved after the find of the shoe, and the small community reacts with unease. To prove that Slusvik is a safe and law abiding place, the locals arrange a night watch group.

Kasper the cat is buried and Sofie wants to exact revenge over those responsible for his death. Jonas and William are blackmailed by the parents of the boy they roughed up.

In a plan to shake things up locally and find out who is hiding something, Marius Borge invites the press to Slusvik. The amount of journalists proves to have an unexpected effect, especially for the mysterious Nina Novak.

Sofie is on a class trip with the other drama students, and Elin joins. Jonas is at home, worrying about drama teacher Adam’s intentions.

Jonas thought threatening Adam would help, but things progressively turn for the worse, both at school with Sofie and at home with Elin.

The annual sluice festival has started, and due to the absence of Adam, Elin has to step in as a director on the school play. Elin’s unease as to Jonas’ behaviour creates tension between her and Sofie.