Kim Bodnia May Return For Final Season Of The Bridge

In an interview with The Guardian, Hans Rosenfeldt reveals that the fourth season of The Bridge will be its last and that Kim Bodnia, who left the show after season two, may yet return.

“I think there will be a fourth one but that will be the last one,” says Rosenfeldt. “We have a storyline. It’s a different place where they start, a very different place.”

On the subject of Bodnia, Rosenfeldt says: “We parted as friends, he just didn’t want to do what we wanted to do. We wanted him out [of prison] and he wanted to stay in and that was very hard for us. He said fine, you do what you want but you have to do it without me.”

“There’s nothing saying he can’t come back if the story requires it, if we think something really good can come out of him coming back. We have proved the show is doing well without him. He’s not dead – he’s still in prison – but it can’t be for nostalgia, it has to be that we really think that it benefits the show.”

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