Kim Bodnia Turned Down A Return To The Bridge

Creator and lead writer for The Bridge (Bron | Broen), Hans Rosenfeldt, has revealed in an interview with Expressen that Kim Bodnia was asked to return for the final season, but declined.

The plan was for Kim Bodnia to return for a flashback sequence in episode six of season four when the viewers learn what happened to Tommy, a professional criminal and police informant whose contact was Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt).

Hans Rosenfeldt told Expressen: “It would have been our little gift to the viewers. The flashback would have gone back to when they found seven corpses in a sunken motorboat in season two. Henrik and Martin would have had a scene together in the flashback, but Kim didn’t want to come back.”

“The idea was that it would explain why Henrik was so keen to work with Saga at the beginning of season three. He knew that Saga was sharp because Martin had told him so, and if anyone could sort things out it would be Saga.”

The Bridge season four currently airs on DR1 in Denmark and SVT1 in Sweden. It will be on BBC Two in the UK later this year.