Kim Cattrall To Be President In Modus Season Two

Golden globe winner Kim Cattrall (Sex In The City) arrived in Sweden this week to begin filming on the second season of Modus, in which she plays the American president on a state visit to Stockholm, with disastrous consequences.

Producer, Sandra Harm, says: “We are so proud and happy that Kim has agreed to play the US president in Modus, it’s really a dream come true! Season two will leap into the international arena and this is at a time when no one can steer their eyes away from American politics and its implications far beyond US borders.”

“Kim is not only a fantastic actress with authority, but also has a deep knowledge and commitment to American politics which has already brought a lot to the character and story. This season, Modus will be truly magnificent!”

Although few details have been revealed about season two, it is known that the relationship between Inger Johanne (Melinda Kinnaman) and Ingvar (Henrik Norlén) will have deepened, and they are expecting a child together.

Harm told TV4: “The plan was that Inger Johanne and Ingvar would have moved in together since season one and, in the second season, they would find out that they were expecting a child. But then Melinda changed the plan by becoming pregnant in real life so we had to adjust things.”

The eight-part second season of Modus, written by Emmy Award winners Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe, will premiere on C More this autumn and air later on TV4.