Klovn Forever Marketing Campaign Cleared Of Indecency

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has found no evidence to suggest that the marketing campaign for Klovn Forever was inconsistent with good practice. Therefore, the case is now closed.

The Consumer Ombudsman received 28 complaints concerning a trailer and poster for the film Klovn Forever. They have assessed its marketing and found no immediate evidence that it was contrary to good marketing practice.

The marketing of the film included nudity and eroticism as key components. “But there is considerable scope for nudity and eroticism in advertising, and was used to humorous effect which helped to emphasise that neither the poster nor trailer should be taken seriously,” said the Ombudsman in a statement.

There have also been complaints that some of the movie posters were placed so that children and young people could see them. The Consumer Ombudsman has found nothing to suggest that the marketing was directed at children and adolescents, or that it could harm children psychologically or morally.

Consumer Ombudsman, Christina Toftegaard Nielsen, says:

“It is generally not illegal to use naked or scantily clad people in an advertisement unless the advertisement is indecent. Moreover humour relaxes the limit of what is allowed in advertising. In this case we have found no evidence that the marketing was indecent or contrary to good practice. “