Klovn To Return For Season Eight

TV2 Danmark has announced that hit comedy Klovn (Klown), starring Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, is set to return for an eighth season this summer.

It was widely believed that the 2020 movie Klovn The Final, in which Frank takes stock of his life, drew the story to a close. However, Frank Hvam now says that it only marked an end to the movie franchise and their story remains unresolved.

Frank Hvam said: “With season eight, we have quietly started to close the series universe (and) we aim to do it in style… What’s cool about the serial format is that you can have four great ideas in a single episode and there is still room to go off on a tangent.”

Revelations from last year’s Casper Christensen biography by Martin Kongstad may lead fans to fear that the star’s lifestyle changes might impact the format for season eight, but Frank Hvam is quick to offer reassurance that the Klovn universe remains in tact:

“It’s going to be a reunion with the Casper we know and love from the Klovn universe (and) personally I haven’t made a single new decision in the last sixteen years so that will shine clearly through in season eight.”

Klovn season eight comprises eight parts and will premiere this summer on TV 2 PLAY. Casting has yet to be announced but Camilla Lehmann will return as Casper’s new wife, Fnug.