Kristine Kujath Thorp Leads Sick Of Myself

Norwegian director and screenwriter Kristoffer Borgli (Drib) has begun filming his second feature, Sick Of Myself (Syk pike), a black comedy about self-actualisation starring Amanda Award winner Kristine Kujath Thorp (Ninjababy).

Signe (Kristine Kujath Thorp) is fast approaching 30 years old and is the least successful among her circle of friends, consisting largely of young creators. Then, she is made to feel more of a failure when her boyfriend Thomas (Eirik Sæther) breaks through as an artist while she only works in a café. But an accident at work changes everything…

When a woman is attacked by a dog, Signe gets covered in blood while helping out after the incident. People immediately think that Signe is injured and this misunderstanding leads to an exhilarating period of attention that she doesn’t want to end. Gradually, we find out just how far Signe is willing to go to create her new self.

The cast also includes Andrea Bræin Hovig (Hope), Steinar Klouman Hallert (Thelma), Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen (Phoenix) and Anders Danielsen Lie (22 July).

Sick Of Myself will be filmed in Oslo and Gothenburg, and is slated for a theatrical premiere in Autumn 2022.