Lærke Winther Stars In Serial Killer Thriller Rellik

Danish actress Lærke Winther (Dicte) stars alongside Richard Dormer (Game Of Thrones) in new six-part BBC One thriller Rellik, by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing), which tells the story of a serial killer in reverse.

What makes a serial killer? Or the cop who is compelled to relentlessly track them down? What are the events that form a person into the human being they will become – killer or cop?

Rellik is a structural conceit which turns the serial killer story on its head. The perpetrator is caught before the drama moves backwards in time to the very beginning – the crime itself and ultimately the killer.

The search for the killer provides the backbone of the story but the damaged and disfigured Met detective Gabriel Markham (Richard Dormer) is at its centre. Enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic, Gabriel is propelled in an obsessive hunt for a serial killer who left a mark on him both physically and mentally. Lærke Winther plays his wife Lisa.

Rellik premieres September 11th on BBC One and HBO Nordic. It will air on Cinemax in the US.