Lars Mikkelsen Leads Face To Face Season Three

Viaplay has announced that Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing) will lead the third and final season of Danish psychological crime drama Face To Face (Forhøret), created and directed by Christoffer Boe (Warrior), in which each episode is structured around a single conversation.

In season three, the list of suspects in the murder of Christina Rasmussen stretches from Copenhagen’s underworld to the highest echelons of business and the police. But when tycoon Holger Lang (Lars Mikkelsen) discovers that the heir to his fortune was killed by a contract assassin, he is consumed by fury so confronts his colleagues, friends and enemies in a desperate bid to uncover the truth.

Christoffer Boe said: “Lars, like Holger Lang is both fascinating and frightening at the same time, which is perfect for a series about murder, but also for the series’ throughline about parents, their obligations and the guilt of not fulfilling them. “We first met (Holger Lang) in season one where he was a potential killer, but this season he will take us all the way to the secrets behind Christina’s death. It will be violent, brutal and hopefully also very entertaining.”

Viaplay Chief Content Officer, Filippa Wallestam, added: “Christoffer Boe’s innovative way of presenting his characters and their dramatic stories, and the way in which he slowly but surely unfolds the story, is completely unique. Face to Face strips Nordic noir down to the essentials – suspense, psychology and style. In doing so, it gives a platform for unforgettable performances and cinematography, and reimagines the entire genre’s possibilities.”

Face To Face season three, written by Christoffer Boe and Lasse Kyed Rasmussen, comprises eight episodes and will premiere later this year on Viaplay across the Nordic region.