Lars Ranthe A Hustler In Friheden For Viaplay

Viaplay has announced Friheden, a new ten-part comedy drama starring Lars Ranthe (Greyzone) and Lene Maria Christensen (The Legacy) as a married couple in the suburbs who return to their old lives as con artists.

Erik (Lars Ranthe) and Nina (Lene Maria Christensen) used to live life in the fast lane as con artists. But seventeen years later, their passion has waned and the excitement and drama of hustling has been replaced by a run down house and unpaid bills in the Friheden district of Hvidovre, plagued by demands for iPads from their children.

Then one day an old acquaintance, Jacqueline (Lotte Andersen), shows up and asks Erik and Nina to go back to their old ways for one last job – all while maintaining the facade of everyday family life so the outside world won’t realise what they are up to. Once again the money and adrenaline begins to flow, and perhaps their love will too…

Head writer, Thor Bjørn Krebs, said: “I wanted to make a series that draws on the best of different genres, from intense drama to high-tension action, told with satirical insight into the challenges of family life.”

“The idea came to me while on holiday with my family when I found how easy it was to get through security when standing with three crying children and everything is in chaos. I realised that if we practiced this and trained the kids to cry at the right time, we could get away with anything. Being an ordinary family is the perfect cover.”

Friheden premieres 24th October on Viaplay and TV3.