Lars Von Trier Returns To The Kingdom

Lars von Trier’s legendary series The Kingdom (Riget), about the fight between good and evil inside a Danish hospital, is set to return for a third and final season of five episodes, entitled The Kingdom Exodus.

As the series returns, the old feud between the Swedes and the Danes at the hospital is still fiery, and the constitution of the Kingdom is fragile. A curse still lies on the old hospital, but what seemed fictitious in the first two seasons may not be so unreal after all.

Lars von Trier said: “There is an imbalance between good and evil! The limit has been reached, at least at the Kingdom…. But I cannot testify that it will be easy and bloodless to pick the seven astral locks of the world simultaneously with doctors blood.”

The Kingdom Exodus, written by Lars von Trier and Niels Vørsel, begins filming next year and is expected to premiere on Viaplay in 2022, followed by a broadcast TV premiere on DR in Denmark.