Lars Wilderäng’s Stjärnklart In Development For SVT

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter, author Lars Wilderäng has revealed that the first in his dystopian trilogy, Stjärnklart, is on course to become a TV series produced by Bob Film for SVT.

In Stjärnklart, electronics have no immune system. There is something wrong with the increasing number of mobile phones being sent for repair. They are stone dead. At the same time there are a series of unexplained events across the country, shop shelves are empty, summer colds are getting tougher, and blackouts are becoming an everyday occurrence.

Programmer Anna Ljungberg makes a discovery that threatens to change the conditions for all human life. But is it already too late? After yet another power cut everything changes. The dark autumn walk into a starry winter begins where chaos prevails and survives.

“Imagine Jordskott meets The Bridge meets The Walking Dead,” says Wilderäng. “Bob Film, who bought the rights to the book, are currently developing the series with SVT. It is not exactly a low budget effort, there is money and already international interest. If it is successful, then there are two more books.”

Wilderäng goes on to say that he has passed on scriptwriting duties but has been involved in the development process, during which he has found things that could be improved, so believes that the series will come as a bit of a surprise to fans.

In particular, Wilderäng notes that budget constraints have meant that he “had to slim down the script and delete multiple plots and cut down on the characters.” However, he says that “this is fun, because you get to focus on the core.”