Leonora Christina & Carmen Curlers Period Dramas Revealed

At a press conference on Monday, Danish broadcaster DR revealed an ambitious initiative to bring Danish history to life, which includes two new period dramas: Carmen Curlers and Leonora Christina.

Inspired by a true story, Carmen Curlers takes place in 1963-1969 in the West Zealand provincial town of Kalundborg where entrepreneur Arne Bybjerg invents a papillot. The idea takes off and soon his company, Carmen Curlers, begins to grow at an exponential rate.

The papillot revolutionises life for thousands of women who are freed from their cooking pots and it becomes an essential piece of kitchen equipment for anyone with a busy life. Danish society is undergoing major changes as women enter the workplace, and the economy is beginning to transition from being agricultural to industrial.

Meanwhile, historical drama Leonora Christina will bring to life the story of Christian IV’s daughter Leonora Christina, one of the most controversial figures in Danish history who was imprisoned from 1663 to 1685 at Blåtårn on suspicion of high treason.

The series is based on Leonora Christina’s memoir Jammersminde and promises to be a dramatic and spectacular historical story about war and peace, power, betrayal and love, set at a turning point in Denmark’s history presided over by Frederik the Third and Queen Sophie Amalie.

Maria Rørbye Rønn, CEO of DR, said: “Our main ambition is for Danes to know more about our democracy, culture and communities. For us, this is the core of Danish public service broadcasting. And in a world where the media market is undergoing rapid change and Danish content is being put under pressure, it is more important than ever that we stick to our core.”

Carmen Curlers is planned to run for several seasons, starting in 2022, while Leonora Christina begins filming in 2021 and is expected to air in early 2023.