Liberty – Season 1


In Tanzania, the Knudsen family are reunited at last. Niels introduces his family to thier new life with a welcome party at the Larsson’s along with other ex-pats. Despite familiarity with the language and decor of their Scandinavian friends, the culture is entirely different. Africa offers a life of new possibilities, but it comes at a cost.

Following the TanScan scandal in the newspapers, Jonas must find a way to minimise the damage, and Marcus plays an important role in maintaining the Swedish aid money. Whilst Larsson’s prosperity is threatened, Katrina helps the Knudsen family to return home after the accident but the house is full of memories and each processes their grief differently.

Niels’ cotton project is a success and new doors are opened for his career. Kirsten moves in with Leon, but life as lady of the farm is not as expected. Christian tests the boundaries and shirks his duties in his parents’ absence. Marcus sees an opportunity to get one step closer to his dream while on an errand at Golden Shower. Problems are growing with Jonas’ project and Katrina won’t play his game anymore, but she is far from home and the rules are different here.

Marcus has no work, but Christian has returns with plans for their future. Meanwhile, Kirsten finally finds meaning in life, but there are consequences for her relationship with Leon. Katrina pushes for savings and TanScan’s survival after the accident. Niels steps in to help, but there are some secrets that he does not yet know. Can Katrina and TanScan survive in a country where there is no room for idealism?

TanScan’s situation wordens and Niels’ idealism is put to the test as he fights to protect the workers’ way of life. After splitting up with Christian, Kirsten is headed for new horizons. Katrina tries to move on, but at the expense of others. Marcus and Claire are working hard and expecting a child together, but Katrina shows up with some unexpected news. Christian is finally ready for the Liberty nightclub’s grand opening, but he is challenged by unresolved conflicts and the opening does not go as planned.