Lilyhammer Creators To Deliver New Comedy For TV2

Rubicon TV are to produce Roeng for TV2, a new ten part comedy from the creators of Lilyhammer. It is described as an allegory for the sudden wealth that came with oil and what that did to Norway’s self-esteem and position in the world.

Roeng (an anagram of Norge) follows the mayor of a small fictional county who gambles the municipality’s reserves on risky hedge funds. He hits the big jackpot and the small community becomes extremely wealthy.

However, central government wants their share, so the mayor decides that the only solution is to use up the remaining millions as soon as possible.

Head of Scripted Programmes at Rubicon, Anne Kolbjørnsen, told Rushprint: “Roeng is a warm comedy for the whole family, but also has multiple layers. Among other things, it shows how people behave when they suddenly become extremely rich.”

Roeng is written by Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin with Tomas Solli, with Fridtjov Såheim taking the lead role of mayor. It is due to begin filming in June with delivery set for the end of 2016, and will be shown internationally as The Councilman.