Lilyhammer – Season 2


1. Millwall Brick
Frank gets upset about the proposed names for his twins. Meanwhile, Jan makes a lucrative business deal; and Torgeir’s mishap with a moose angers a British thief.

2. Out Of Africa
Frank decides to open a new restaurant and hires a Nigerian refugee as the head chef. Unfortunately, the man is about to be deported.

3. Welcome To The Mountain
Sigrid leaves the twins with Frank and he takes them to a meeting with some English gangsters.

4. The Black Toe
Frank wins a Citizen of the Year award and tries to get financing from an investors’ group. Meanwhile, Frank is connected to a bank robbery.

5. The Island
Frank goes undercover in Oslo to catch the thieves who stole from him. Meanwhile, Torgeir and Roar’s mother returns home with some baggage.

6. Special Education
Frank turns the tables on some blackmailers; Roar and Torgeir express their disappointment in their mother’s new boyfriend.

7. The Freezer
Frank gets an idea for a business when a farmer’s debt is paid with the deed to a reindeer herd. Meanwhile, Frank meets a new love interest; and Jan is forced to flee the country.

8. Ghosts
Frank returns to New York to attend two very different family reunions after a familiar face from his past shows up in Norway.