Lilyhammer – Season 3


1. Tiger Boy
Jan Johansen’s makes a surprise and unwelcome return. Meanwhile, Roar is in Rio de Janeiro to get married.

2. Foreign Affairs
Frank and Torgeir travel to Brazil to save Roar from his problems with the law. Meanwhile, Jan reconsiders his murder confession.

3. The Homecoming
Frank and Torgeir return from Brazil and discover that the Lithuanian gang has raised the stakes. Meanwhile, “Rio Roar” becomes a national celebrity.

4. The Mind Is Like A Monkey
Torgeir hopes to fulfill a dream as the 20th anniversary of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics approaches. Meanwhile, Roar gets a chance to return to Rio de Janeiro.

5. Tommy
Frank enters the wine business, but it stirs up trouble with a local activist. Meanwhile, a mob hit goes bad; and Rio spells danger for Roar once again.

6. The Minstrel Boy
Frank’s new ex-Mafia crew member, Tommy, may not be as great as Frank believes; and Roar’s Brazilian problems follow him home to Norway.

7. The Funeral
Jan’s girlfriend makes a fateful request; Roar signs Torgeir’s life away; Tommy takes his betrayal up a notch.

8. Loose Ends
There is a new addition to Tommy’s crew which shocks Frank and Torgeir. Meanwhile, Chris vows to win back Sigrid; and Frank vows to hunt down Jan.