Lion Woman Doesn’t Mind Not Being Recognised

Lion Woman (Løvekvinnen), based on the 2006 novel by Erik Fosnes Hansen, opens in Norway on August 26th. Mathilde Thomine Storm, who plays young Eva says that she really doesn’t mind not being instantly recognisable in the role.

In the movie, Eva Arctander is born with hypertrichosis, meaning that she is covered from head to toe with fine blonde hair. Her father is so ashamed of her that he hides her away from the world in their apartment. However, Eva’s nanny fights for her right to be treated like everyone else.

16-year-old Mathilde Thomine Storm has previous movie credits as a dubbing artist in films such as Barbie and Happy Feet 2, but Lion Woman marks her acting debut. In an interview with Dagbladet she talks about the making of Lion Woman:

“The other actors were absolutely fantastic, and there were many who helped me along the way. Rolf Lassgård was one of the actors, and to be in the same film as him was a great inspiration in itself, he helped me a lot.”

“It was very strange the first time I put on the mask, and it took nearly three hours before I was ready for filming. First I got glue all over my face, and then I had a thick silicone mask applied.”

“I didn’t recognise myself when I saw myself in the mirror… I learned what it is like for people who have visible conditions that they can’t do anything about… It’s okay that I won’t be recognised everywhere, honestly.”